A Tool for Educating Statistics

The Statistical Lab is an explorative and interactive tool designed both to support education in statistics and provide a tool for the simulation and solution of statistical problems.

The graphical user interface is designed to make complex statistical relations easy to understand. It connects and displays data frames, frequency tables, random numbers or matrixes in a user-friendly statistical worksheet allowing users to run calculations, conduct analyses and perform multiple simulations and manipulations.

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The Lab & R

R-Logo The Statistical Lab uses R for statistical computing and visualizing data.

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Award winning

medidaprix_logo The Statistical Lab winner of the Swiss, German, Austrian Medida-Prix 2003!

Read the jury's award announcement (german).


05.05.2011 Statistical Lab 3.81 and R2.1 internal release for members of the Neue Statistik Consortium. Contact us for the download links. This update solves the compatibility issues with Windows 7 Service Pack 1.

30.06.2008 Statistical Lab presented on 4. Berliner Methodentreffen

On the Berliner Methodentreffen (4th July -05th July 2008) Alexander Schulz and Pea Zimmermann will demonstrate the interfaces included in the Lab that target at importing qualitative data into a quantitative software.

22.01.2008 Statistical Lab 3.7 released

The Statistical Lab has been released in version 3.7. Get your copy here.

12.11.2007 Statistical Lab 3.7 Public Beta released

Version 3.7 Public Beta is per now freely available to private end-users. Get your copy in our Download Area.
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02.10.2006 Statistical Lab 3.5 released

Version 3.5 is per now freely available to private end-users. Get your copy in our Download Area.Please note the license changes. The Statistical Lab is put under the Open-Source license GPL for private end-users bereitgestellt. As commercial or institutional user please contact us for Licensing possibilities. You can also send us your feedback for the new version using the Forum. It is bilingual english and german.
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24.07.2006 Statistical Lab 3.5. RC1 ready for Download

Today we published the Release Candidate 1 for Version 3.5. Please note: this is a testversion, that might still have errors. Send us your feedback using our Forum.
NEW: expanded functions in the Im- and Exportfilters (supports Stata, SPSS, CSV and more), a simple History in the R-Calculator, Drag'n'Drop and some more. A precise list of features will be put into our Forum within the next few days.
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10.07.2006 The Statistical Lab presented on the "Berliner Methodentreffen"

On Saturday, July 15th Alexander Schulz and Pea Zimmermann will hold a workshop for the almost qualitative oriented participants of the Berliner Methodentreffen called: "Einführung in das Statistiklabor" (Introduction into the Lab). We will show basic strategies of working with the Lab.

More information (german only) about the workshop can be found here » BM2006


New publication...

Das Statistiklabor. Einführung und Benutzerhandbuch (german)

Rainer Schlittgen (2005), Springer-Verlag

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Free Download: Examples and Solutions from the textbook available here (german only).