The online tutorial is an introduction into working with the Statistical Lab.

Various examples and exercises explain the basic functions of the Statistical Lab.

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Required Plugin

The interactive tutorial requires the
Macromedia Flash-/Shockwave-Plugin. In
case you plan to work on the assignments,
you also need to install the Lab.

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Is there anything that does not work
properly? Please send us your suggestions.
In the forum you will find further advice
for working with the Lab.

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Get to know the possibilities of the Statistical Lab:

Simulating Quincunx
(Galton Brett)

Open assignment

Manipulating data
Open assignment

The Monty Hall problem (Ziegenproblem)
Open assignment

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Note: The Statistical Lab has to be downloaded and installed before!

Award winning

The Statistical Lab is winner of the swiss, german, austrian Medida-Prix 2003!

Read the jury's justification here (german).